Security Council Elections

Procedures and Guidelines: AdmiralDAO members shall create procedures and guidelines for conducting Security Council elections. These rules may cover the candidate intake process and a standardized template for public nominations. The aim is to ensure a well-organized, fair, and transparent election process.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest: Candidates with conflicts of interest that could compromise their allegiance to AdmiralDAO's best interests should be excluded from the election process. Potential conflicts may include affiliations with direct AdmiralDAO competitors or a history of exploiting projects and others.

Rule Changes: The DAO has the authority to approve and implement changes to the rules governing future Security Council elections. Any modifications must be in line with the DAO's principles and objectives.

Serve a Full Term: Security Council members must serve a full one-year term before becoming eligible for re-election.

Removal Criteria: Removal of a Security Council member before the end of their term will require a special on-chain vote, conducted on Snapshot. At all times, the Security Council must have a minimum of 3 seats occupied. If the removal of a member would violate the 3-seat minimum, removal will not be considered. For a removal vote to be successful, both of the following conditions must be met:

  1. A quorum of at least 5,477 voting power must be reached.

  2. A supermajority of at least 70% of votes cast must be in favor of removal.

Vacant Seats: If a Security Council member is removed before their term expires, the seat remains unfilled until the next scheduled election. However, the seat may be filled before the next election with a 70% majority vote of the Security Council. In such a case, the seat will be up for appointment in the next scheduled election.

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