The Security Council

The Security Council is empowered to carry out specific Emergency and Non-Emergency Actions, as authorized by AdmiralDAO. The Council is also authorized to deem any governance proposal eligible for an expedited vote when necessary. Membership in AdmiralDAO is not a prerequisite for serving on the Security Council. Security Council members are responsible for signing tasks assigned to them by the DAO but can choose to abstain from signing if they believe a given task raises legal or practical concerns.

Emergency & Non-Emergency Actions

The Security Council serves to operate in the best interests of AdmiralDAO and its members. The Council is approved to act on emergency actions necessary to maintain the security of the DAO. AdmiralDAO is able to curtail or eliminate the Security Council's power to perform Emergency and Non-Emergency Actions via approval from AdmiralDAO members.

  1. Emergency Actions: The Security Council has the power to execute any software upgrade or perform other required actions with no delay in order to respond to a security emergency, should one arise (such actions, "Emergency Actions"). The Security Council must not use its power to perform Emergency Actions except in a true security emergency, such as a critical vulnerability that could significantly compromise the integrity, confidentiality, or availability of a product governed by AdmiralDAO.

  2. Non-Emergency Actions: The Security Council may also approve and implement routine software upgrades, routine maintenance, and other parameter adjustments in a non-emergency setting (such actions, "Non-Emergency Actions"). Any Non-Emergency Action, after approval by the Security Council, may bypass phases 1 through 3 of the governance process and go directly to phase 4 (in order to provide a delay before any Non-Emergency Action is deployed). The Security Council may optionally specify additional delays before deployment.

Expedited Votes

The Security Council is authorized to deem any governance proposal eligible for an expedited vote when necessary. Proposals that may require an expedited vote may include time-sensitive actions/implementations, Emergency and Non-Emergency Actions that require community input, responses to a recent occurrence, etc.

An expedited vote will typically entail bypassing phases 1 and 2 of the governance process and going straight to an on-chain Snapshot vote, however, the Security Council may decide which phases to bypass on a case-by-case basis. An expedited vote may also include, or consist solely of, changes to the durations of each governance phase, at the discretion of the Security Council. These changes will apply only to select APs deemed eligible for an expedited vote and will not impact the standing governance process framework for all other proposals.

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