🪙SAIL Tokenomics

SAIL is the governance token of AdmiralDAO.

Contract Address

Ethereum: 0xd8F1460044925d2D5c723C7054cd9247027415B7

Optimism: 0x7a1263eC3Bf0a19e25C553B8A2C312e903262C5E

Arbitrum: 0xb52BD62eE0Cf462Fa9CCbDA4bf27Fe84D9ab6Cf7

Polygon: 0xd1a718f77ab5d22e3955050658d7f65ae857a85e

Supply & Distribution

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (soft cap*)

*Soft cap may be amended as follows: DAO governance can vote to mint additional SAIL tokens once every thirty days; however, as a protective measure for token holders, any supply increase has a hardcoded two-week delay as well as a hardcoded limit per mint of 6% of the total supply on each minting call. Token holders, including the DAO itself, can also burn SAIL tokens, removing them from supply.

Genesis Event: No ICO, pre-sales, or private sales. A community airdrop was distributed at launch to reward early Clipper users for retroactive behaviors.

Token Type: ERC-20

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