Proposal Template

Use the following template when making governance proposals.

Title: AP: [insert proposal name]

  1. What's the big idea? A brief summary of the proposal in two or three sentences.

  2. What is the problem you are trying to solve?

    • What evidence do you have that indicates this is a problem?

    • What is the desired outcome if the problem is solved?

  3. Who is this for? Define the stakeholders and users the idea stands to benefit.

  4. How might this work? Illustrate your big idea. It is very much encouraged to create a sketch to demonstrate the concept and user flow. Additional information that would be helpful to include:

    • Which chains will be affected? This may be specified by code, data, or text as appropriate for the specific AP.

    • Does the AP require deploying a new contract(s)?

    • Does the AP require redeploying an existing contract(s)? If yes, paste the contract address(es) here.

    • What technologies are needed to execute the AP?

  5. How might we prototype/test concept desirability and feasibility? Include ideas for low-cost prototypes to assess if this will add value.

  6. Suggested Implementation Plan: Include relevant timing details such as start date, milestones, desired completion date, and deadlines for specific milestones if applicable

    • List the steps to implement the AP to the best of your ability. If possible, Include the associated costs for each step such as subscriptions and technology fees, and a rough estimate of labor (measured in hours or weeks).

    • Does the AP involve transacting with third-parties? If yes, is there any documentation from third-parties and/or platforms and technologies needed to evaluate the AP’s feasibility? If yes, include them here.

  7. Why might this idea fail? List the ways in which this idea might not work out.

  8. How will we measure success? Define key performance indicators.

  9. New Terms (optional): Define any unique, new, or industry-specific terms used in the proposal.

For Resubmitted Proposals

  • Include a link to the original proposal.

  • Explain the reasons for the initial non-approval.

  • Highlight the changes made and reasons for approving it now.

  • Add any additional fields if necessary to communicate the changes and implications of the resubmitted proposal.

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